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Dating back to the fourth century, the Roman cookbook De Re Coquinaria shows some of Rome's most popular dishes. Among those manuscripts you'll find Pandecter, an apricot dish that inspired our creation mixing apricot and berries.


From the brews of antiquity, to today's root beer soda, the bold taste of sassafras and gentle sweetness of vanilla combine to evoke the comfort of home. While Cicero never tasted a root beer quite like this, he would have been elated.


From affairs of the heart to affairs of state, a rich cornucopia of tropical fruits was always the centerpiece of roman decadence. This sinfully creamy blend of banana and strawberry suggests the frolic of Satyrs and Nymphs.


For nearly four-hundred years the Roman Empire controlled a small Island off the coast of Europe. They brought with them architecture, agriculture, urban planning and industrial production. 1400 years later, that small island gave the world Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Earl Grey tea. We’ve combined that wonderful tea with vanilla and cream.


While Mentha is a term apt to describe any mint, in Roman times it was exclusive to Spearmint. We do hope our rendition lives up to the ancient Roman philosopher’s expectations when he said, As for the garden of mint, the very smell of it alone recovers and refreshes our spirits, as the taste stirs up our appetite.


Of all Roman inventions, Biscotti may have been one of the most important. The food was created from unleavened bread sweetened with almonds and baked once to cook it and once again to dry all of the moisture from it. Pliny the Elder remarked that Biscotti would be edible for centuries, and for this reason Roman legions brought this food into war with them.

Winter's Tea

As the autumn leaves are washed away by the first hints of winter’s rain, I’m left with my favorite cold-weather drink: London Fog.

It’s the inspiration behind Londinium, and becomes my drink of choice for a few short months each year.

Now I want to share my personal recipe with you. I’ve put together a package with the essentials you need to enjoy this tea yourself.


When everything sounds so good and you just have to try it all, try all our flavors.


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